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Nutanix Acropolis
Distributed Storage System for All of Your Workloads

Nutanix Acropolis

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Nutanix Acropolis combines compute, storage, networking, virtualization, and much needed data protection and security capabilities into a hyperconverged solution that powers your enterprise cloud. Eliminate storage silos, expensive virtualization technology, and dedicated management. Achieve operational agility while retaining your ability to choose your hardware and virtualization technology.

Scalable, Resilient, High Performance Distributed Storage for All of Your Workloads

Move beyond the limitations of traditional SAN and NAS storage. Nutanix AOS is the scale-out storage technology that makes HCI possible, delivering enterprise-grade capabilities via a highly distributed software architecture.

Diag Ill High-Scale

Powerful Enterprise Storage Capabilities for All of Your Data

High performance storage system
Distributed data processing and local access to modern high performance storage media like NVMe and Optane drive high bandwidth and low latency that won’t degrade over time.

Resilient and secure storage platform
Utilizing advanced distributed software algorithms, AOS Storage protects data against everything from bit rot and hardware failure to physical theft and total site failure.

Flexible and scalable cloud infrastructure
Easily size and deploy infrastructure at any scale, for any workload, and scale out quickly. Mix and match hardware configurations seamlessly, so you can adapt over time.