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Nutanix Cloud Platform Software Editions
Available as part of a turnkey appliance solution, or as software-only on a choice of qualified hardware platforms

Nutanix Software
Nutanix Software Editions
Nutanix Software - Starter Edition
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Nutanix Software - Pro Edition
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Nutanix Software - Ultimate Edition
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Nutanix Xtreme Computing Platform is available in different software-based editions so that you can easily select the right capabilities to meet your infrastructure needs. For maximum flexibility, all software editions are available across the entire line of Nutanix appliances.

Choose the edition that is right for your datacenter needs:

Nutanix Software - Starter Edition Nutanix Software - Pro Edition Nutanix Software - Ultimate Edition
The Starter edition offers the core set of Nutanix software functionalities. This edition is ideal for small-scale deployments with a limited set of workloads. The Pro edition offers rich data services and resilience and management features. This edition is ideal for enterprises running multiple applications on a Nutanix cluster or with large-scale single workload deployments. The Ultimate edition offers the full suite of Nutanix software capabilities to tackle complex infrastructure challenges. This edition is ideal for multi-site deployments and for advanced security requirements.

MapReduce Compression:

Post-process Compression (Pro)
Use the powerful Snappy compression algorithm to increase the effective storage capacity of your cluster up to 4X. Nutanix compresses data at the sub-block level for increased efficiency and greater simplicity. With MapReduce Compression, you can compress the data post-process, or post-ingest, to eliminate any performance impact on the write path. MapReduce Compression is highly distributed and automatically runs on all nodes in the cluster.

MapReduce Deduplication:

Global Post-process Deduplication (Pro)
Leverage powerful post-process deduplication capability to significantly boost the effective capacity of your Nutanix cluster. MapReduce Deduplication is highly distributed and automatically runs on all nodes in the cluster. As nodes are added, the deduplication functionality also linearly scales out, effectively minimizing deduplication overhead.

Tunable Redundancy:

Software-defined Data Resilience (Pro)
A suite of configurable resilience features allows customers to configure different degrees of availability for applications in the same cluster. Businesses typically demand different levels of resilience for enterprise applications. With tunable redundancy, you can now host applications with a range of resilience requirements on a single Nutanix cluster.

Availability Domains:

Bullet-proof Protection from Hardware Failures (Pro)
Get robust protection from even catastrophic hardware failures with availability domains. This feature allows Nutanix clusters to survive the failure of entire physical appliances without loss to data or service. By combining powerful data redundancy with intelligent data placement, the system automatically ensures that both data and data access will always be available.

Time Stream:

Unlimited Snapshots at VM Granularity (Pro)
Create unlimited point-in-time snapshots on your primary cluster, getting production-level data protection without sacrificing performance. Nutanix uses a redirect-on-write algorithm for faster, more efficient snapshots. Nutanix VMCaliber snapshots are at VM granularity for more fine-grained data protection with lower operational complexity.

Prism Central:

Multi-cluster Management (Pro)
Manage Nutanix clusters around the world centrally from a single pane of glass with Prism Central. The rich interface gives administrators a bird’s eye view of resources across multiple clusters, and lets them zoom in to manage individual clusters as required.

Multi-site Disaster Recovery (Ultimate)

Set up advanced replication and disaster recovery topologies for data protection using integrated DR functionality in Nutanix. Customers can set up one-to-many and many-to-many replication schedules between Nutanix clusters across the world. All data sent over the WAN is automatically deduplicated enabling efficient remote backup and restore.