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Nutanix Database Service
Deliver Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) on Your Terms

Nutanix Database Service

Nutanix Database Service

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Easily operate fleets of Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL databases at scale on-premises and in the cloud.


Nutanix Database Service (NDB) enables small, nimble teams to easily manage large fleets of SQL Server, Oracle Database,MySQL, MongoDB and PostgreSQL databases using a single API and console, freeing their time and skills to focus on mission critical databases. With Nutanix Database Service, developers can self-service their database needs through a simple database-as-a-service experience.

Databases exist in every organization today—they’re everywhere—you can’t perform and compete without them. Regardless of organization size and complexity, database and IT infrastructure administrators work tirelessly to manage the data and assist stakeholders in extracting business value from their databases.

Many companies have problems managing databases at scale due to the size and diversity of their database fleets. The challenge is magnified by the different management consoles and skill sets required to administer databases, such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL and MongoDB. The nuances of on-premise, hybrid or public cloud deployment environments also add another layer for IT professionals to manage in their day-to-day work. Database administrator (DBA) teams must juggle managing critical databases with requests from development teams for provisioned databases. Development teams are left waiting for fulfilled service requests, reducing their productivity.

Simplified and Efficient Database Management on Your Terms

Nutanix Database Service (formerly known as Era) enables DBA teams and IT professionals to easily manage large fleets of databases via one console and API. Nutanix Database Service (NDB) streamlines and simplifies database administration, assisting DBA teams to manage their database fleet at scale, allowing them to focus on their most critical databases. By combining the benefits of hyperconverged infrastructure with Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS), NDB delivers a full solution to provision, patch, protect and scale your database fleet.

With NDB, DBAs can meet business requirements for both new and already deployed databases, freeing their time and skills to focus on the most critical databases. DBAs can use NDB to deliver their own DBaaS solution, providing developers who need to provision, recover or clone databases from production into their test environments, with an easy-to-use, self-service experience. In addition, NDB enables DBAs to define their own operating system and database version standard to use with their fleet, and provides them access to their database servers’ operating system to install custom software, such as monitoring agents or PostgreSQL extensions.

DBA teams can ensure that new and existing databases comply with organization policies for backup and recovery, disaster recovery deployments, and scale—all without the restrictions of single-vendor solutions that are database, cloud provider, or location/deployment-specific.

Customers around the world have simplified their database lifecycle management by integrating NDB within their existing best practice database management process. The result, massive time saving and a three-year ROI of up to 291% process.